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Welcome to my project page! Here you will find examples of the projects I've worked on during my master's program and internships. 

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My team and I worked back and forth on this semester-long project with the 7-Eleven C-Shopper team as our client. The goal of this project was to analyze the usage of their analytics platform and make recommendations on how to increase the usage and adoption of the analytics platform.  There were many different showcases of progress throughout the semester, however, I decided it would be best to display the executive summary we presented to our clients and classmates. 


For my Digital Marketing class, my team and I were tasked with choosing a company/brand we believe displayed poor digital marketing tactics that needed improvement. We chose to build a digital marketing campaign to create a larger digital presence for a local coffee shop in Austin, TX, called Monkey Nest Coffee. There were many components that went into this campaign, but to name a few our team: re-designed the webpage, created email marketing campaigns, developed social media content ideas and calendars, and thought of ways to measure the improvements. 

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The goal of this project was to identify a quantitative and data-driven business problem, and then formulate it into a rigorous research problem using some of the methods we studied the class. My team and I chose to focus on a dataset that looked at how well a product performed based on the type of promotion used. We developed research questions to dive deeper into and then performed an exploratory analysis to support our recommendations and findings. 


For my Data Visualization project, I was asked to find a dataset, create research questions, and perform an exploratory analysis of the data. I chose a dataset about Disneyland Park Reviews. In this Colab Notebook, you will see the different codes I ran and the graphs I made. You will also see the conclusions I made based on the findings. 

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In my Product and Brand Management course, I had the opportunity to research and apply class concepts to a brand. My team and I chose Shopify because of their mission to make commerce better for everyone. This presentation is an in-depth look at Shopify as a brand. We developed an archetype for their current brand, investigated their frameworks and brand positioning, and then we put together a brand strategy with suggestions. 


The next step in our project with Shopify was to focus on Product Development and Management. However, we introduced the idea of a product reorganization rather than introducing any new B2B features. As a team, we felt this was a more productive step because the products needed to be consolidated and easier to navigate. You will find more information about the product reorganization and the predicted outcomes in this presentation. 

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Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 2.48.15 PM.png


The last piece of our Shopify project was the Go-To-Market Strategy. The goal was to act on a potential growth opportunity and bring it to life. Our team suggested that Shopify incorporate an investment aspect to its platform. In addition to having Shopify host their online business, entrepreneurs would also get the opportunity for selected investors to show interest in becoming a part of their company. View the slide deck to learn more about our idea. 


My team and I were tasked with choosing a topic and corresponding dataset to build our project. We chose a dataset of airline data and wanted to determine if all the amenities provided affected a customer's overall satisfaction. We performed an exploratory analysis of the dataset, built out a corresponding model, and constructed recommendations. Please see the slide deck to view the results. 

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While working as the Corporate Communication and Marketing Intern at the Federal Home Loan Bank I wrote and published several press releases. These press releases highlighted stories of different grant recipients. The press release linked here was picked up by two different outlets: The Fort Worth Business Plans and The City of Fort Worth.

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